Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Summer Session part three

Playlist for July 1, 2012

Doris Day - That Jane From Maine
Ed Askew (CT) - City of Glass - Little Eyes
The Arrowsics (ME) - Are You Still Listening
The Arrowsics (ME) - Waterline
Gary Higgins (CT) - I Pick Notes from the Sky - Red Hash
Zak Trojano (MA) - One of Dreams
Mink Hills Band (NH) - Last Road Goin' Home - Weary Travelers Plea
The McElroy Brothers (VT) - Why the Rainbow's Gold is Never Found
Tom Rush (NE) - Merrimack County
Jesse Kendall (ME) - You Need It Then It Comes
Clearing (MA) - Circular Street
Cardboard Village (MA) - Blue Skies Are Free
Appaloosa (MA) - Georgia Street
Original Black Sheep of the Family (MA) - Love Song

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer Session part two

for more information on Peter Fulton & his poem visit

This week's playlist (June 24 2012)

Brasbe (NH) - The legend of Mt. Monadnock
George Locke (NH) - Hot Boston Nights
Magnetic Fields (NE) - Long Vermont Roads
Arlo Guthrie (MA) - Highway In the Wind - Alice's Restaurant
Pillar House Blues Band (NH) - City Streets - Recovery
Joe Carter (CT) - I've Never Been In Love Before
Jade & Sarsparilla (MA) - I Can't Stay, I Can't Go
Peter Fulton (NH) - How to Carve An Angel
Japhy Ryder (VT) - Bjork Feathers - In Session
Bill Perry (NH) - Sounds - Songs of Walden

* * * * *

HOUR TWO (a rarity for The Village Green)

Jade & Sarpsparilla (MA) - She's That Kind of Woman
Ryan Jackson Trioka (MA) - Finding Time
The Okay Win (MA) - Chase
City of Tomorrow (NH) - White Mountains
Hungrytown (VT) - Caliope
Bo Grumpus (MA) - Sparrow Tune - Before the War
Bo Grumpus (MA) - Yesterday's Streets - Before the War
Greg Giardin (NH) - Arizona
Tracy Grammer (MA) - The Verdant Mile
Joe Carter (CT) - Viktor with a 'K'
Three Thirteen (ME) - If Not - Signals
Pintillist (RI) - It's Really Just an Apology

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dog Ate My Homework

I lost last week's Village Green playlist from 6/10/12! But feel free to download or stream the show here:

The Summer Session

The Village Green is back for the summer ... spinning tunes by New England based artists or music related to New England in all genres from all eras. Enjoy!

This week's playlist: June 17, 2012

Buzz Turner (CT) - Hold the Candle Steady - The View From Here
English Tom in the Bookstore (MA/CT) - track 5 - 2012 ep
Japhy Ryder (VT) - Brother, Be - If the Haves Are Willing
The Strangelings (MA) - White Bird - Season of the Witch
Benefit Street (RI) - Seven Years - An American Dream
Gary Higgins (CT) - Thicker Than a Smokey - Red Hash
Shaw Brothers (NH) - My Rainbow Race - Concert In the Park
Shaw Brothers (NH) - Gentle Annie -   Concert In the Park
Over Orange Heights (VT) - Onward Christian Soldiers - Floating in the Whale
Chuggy Lincoln (NH) - New Hampshire - 7" vinyl
Japhy Ryder (VT) - Das Gutt - The View From Here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Playlist: March 25, 2012

  1. Small Mountain Bear - Old City - Mathematical Hands (VT)
  2. Small Mountain Bear - The Ballad of Jimmy Beans - Mathematical Hands (VT) 
  3. Mystic Folk Opera - Gypsy Sun (ME)
  4. Judson Kimble - Raindrops - Beginnings (VT)
  5. Henry Feister Band - Peace Song - Return of the Henry Feister Band (RI)
  6. Henry Feister Band - wrecking Ball - Return of the Henry Feister Band (RI) 
  7. Small Mountain Bear - Anton- Mathematical Hands (VT) 

Small Mountain Bear

Henry Feister Band 

NOTE: The Village Green is going on hiatus until Summer 2012 ... in the interim please listen to Radio Thrift Shop with DJ Frederick! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Playlist: March 19, 2012

  1. Hot Day At the Zoo - Gypsy Moon - Long Way Home (MA)
  2. Garth Green - Other Planets - Off the Map (VT)
  3. The Strangelings - White Bird - Season of the Witch (MA)
  4. Lunch at the Dump - Hide Your Love Away (NH)
  5. Michael Crane - Billboard Dreams (NH)
  6. Kenneth Fox - Pillow & a Penny Jar - A Bigger Home (NH)
  7. Spiney Norman - Joesph's Story (RI)
  8. Assembly of Dust - All That I Am Now (NH)
  9. The Cush - Northern Memory (VT)
  10. Willie Wright - Nantucket Island (MA)
  11. Donkilo Afro Funk Orchestra - The Well of Buktu (NH)
  12. Roots of Creation - This Must Be the Place (NH)
  13. Michael Carruth - Green Eyed Lady (NH)


Lunch at the Dump

Roots of Creation

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playlist: March 11, 2012

  1. Jerry Vale - I Love New England (ME)
  2. Tension - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (CT)
  3. Teddy & The Pandas - Once Upon a Time (MA)
  4. Teddy & The Pandas - Kona, Idaho (MA)
  5. The Malibus - Wipe Out (ME)
  6. Bill Kasper - Short Term Memory (NH)
  7. John Compton - Bob Dylan's Cap (VT)
  8. Damon & Naomi - Yoo Doo Right (Can cover) (MA)
  9. Douglas Coleman - Glass of Water (NH)
  10. Mango Groove Steel Band - I See Aysha (NH)
  11. Satellites Fall - Sundial (MA)
  12. Debo Band - Gedawo (MA)
  13. Pill Bug Light Reaction - Lift Off to Planet Mars (NH)


Mango Groove

Electric Cowbell Records