Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer Session part two

for more information on Peter Fulton & his poem visit

This week's playlist (June 24 2012)

Brasbe (NH) - The legend of Mt. Monadnock
George Locke (NH) - Hot Boston Nights
Magnetic Fields (NE) - Long Vermont Roads
Arlo Guthrie (MA) - Highway In the Wind - Alice's Restaurant
Pillar House Blues Band (NH) - City Streets - Recovery
Joe Carter (CT) - I've Never Been In Love Before
Jade & Sarsparilla (MA) - I Can't Stay, I Can't Go
Peter Fulton (NH) - How to Carve An Angel
Japhy Ryder (VT) - Bjork Feathers - In Session
Bill Perry (NH) - Sounds - Songs of Walden

* * * * *

HOUR TWO (a rarity for The Village Green)

Jade & Sarpsparilla (MA) - She's That Kind of Woman
Ryan Jackson Trioka (MA) - Finding Time
The Okay Win (MA) - Chase
City of Tomorrow (NH) - White Mountains
Hungrytown (VT) - Caliope
Bo Grumpus (MA) - Sparrow Tune - Before the War
Bo Grumpus (MA) - Yesterday's Streets - Before the War
Greg Giardin (NH) - Arizona
Tracy Grammer (MA) - The Verdant Mile
Joe Carter (CT) - Viktor with a 'K'
Three Thirteen (ME) - If Not - Signals
Pintillist (RI) - It's Really Just an Apology

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